Offshore IT sourcing in style

With the combined support of our trusted partners of Nable invent, we can offer you a solution in any string of modern technology.

 In our company we all have two jobs; 
“The first is to do our job and the second is to improve it”

Our teams arm themselves with a professional and transparent approach, providing top-quality programming and reliable service. 

IT services powered by FDC services & solutions

P&F developments

P&F developments ‘IT sourcing and consultancy services’ powered by FDC services & solutions, expert in business consultancy.  As the digital age washes over us, FDC services & solutions decided to launch the P&F developments IT services. As a rapidly growing technology company and with the support of our trusted partners  we specialize in providing a matching digital solution for any business development.

Business consultancy by FDC is mainly focussed on optimization processes, development, automatization, manufacturing planning and organization. Through P&F developments, FDC aims on a much bigger range of interests.
Supported by a team of professional programmers we can tackle any challenge coming our way.

Mainly focused on creating a bridge between West-and Eastern European market, we excess in supporting your digitalization projects.

P&F developments core business is offshore sourcing.  Guided by our skilled project managers, we eliminate the communication barrier when choosing for our offshore outsourcing solutions.
Delivering top class programming in whichever technology you need.

Outsource your project and reduce IT-related risks and overcapacity to your company. 
Combined knowledge of modern technology and a cunning strategic approach gives us the edge we  need to equip each team with specialist focused on our clients’ specific requirements.

Scale-up, accelerate, simplify, digitalize and improve your business.
P&F developments provides you not only top-grade service but also our dedication, trustworthiness, and reliability